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Truro, Mass. History And Value

Come For The History

When you vacation in Truro, you are surrounded by a long and meaningful history. For thousands of years, the beautiful Truro region was prized as the ancestral home of tribes including the Wampanoag People whose name for the area was Payomet or Pamet. Rich in sea life and suitable to the beautiful farming systems of early Native Peoples, this special section of Cape Cod supported the free and lovely life of the Wampanoags, the Kakopees and others. Folklore has it that the when the pilgrims arrived in Truro in 1620, their discovery of a cache of native Kakopee maize led to the naming of Corn Hill, now one of the most popular beaches on the Cape.

Colonists gave Truro its modern name, in honor of a village in their former home in the Celtic province of Cornwall, England. Early industries included whaling, fishing and shipbuilding, but as time went by, Truro and the town of North Truro became a favored destination of artists who flocked to paint the unique scenery and incomparable light. To this day, Truro remains one of the most picturesque and appealing spots on Cape Cod with a resident artist community. V

Come For The Delights Of The Sea

No vacation is more relaxed and restorative than one in which you sit yourself down in the sand and just look out over the water, letting your cares slip away on the ocean breeze. Truro offers you 10 serene, clean, beautiful beaches:

Ocean Beaches:

  • Long Nook Road
  • Ballston Beach
  • Coast Guard Beach
  • Head of the Meadow Beach

Bay Beaches:

  • Corn Hill Beach
  • Fisher Road Beach
  • Great Hollow Beach
  • Pilgrim Beach
  • Cold Storage Beach
  • Top Mast

Gather shells, climb dunes, build sandcastles and soak up breathtaking sunsets while you're staying in Truro. Lighthouse fans may most enjoy visiting the Cape Cod Light, also known as the Highland Lighthouse, originally built in 1797 and replaced by the current lighthouse in 1857. It is the oldest operating lighthouse on Cape Cod and is a natural photo op. Over half the land that comprises Truro is owned by the National Seashore, ensuring that your choices for exploring different parts of the shore are rich and varied.

Come For The Timeless Charm

Cape Cod-style houses are famous the world over, but in the village of North Truro you'll be strolling along pretty streets and paths lined with the real thing. Local people have adamantly opposed modern development projects which they've felt would alter the historic character of this seaside town. Many families have been coming to Truro as their summer place for generations, appreciating the familiar comforts of a town that stays the same, no matter what else may change in the world. It has been our pleasure to see couples and families come to The Big Fisherman Motel year after year, ready to play in the sun and create new, lasting memories.

Explore scenic back roads and walking paths around Truro and come into North Truro for unhurried shopping and first class dining. Renowned seafood, pizza, even North African foods are waiting to be enjoyed. Many visitors plan their vacation to coincide with whale watching season or with some of the local events and festivals. Whether you seek quiet solitude or interaction with a fun and varied community, you will find what you are looking for in Truro, Massachusetts.


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